by Dick Norris

Jon Lee takes an inordinate interest in people's roots and backstories

He listens, watches, ponders, and with head, heart and hands he blends language and acoustic stylings to craft songs that give voice to the connections between people, place, and culture: an immigrant uncle's steadfast toil and dedication, a beloved aging dog taking her last run on a favorite trail, friends and family gathered together to share slow food, an autumnalwoman's solitary search for purpose and passion finding her mantra in a trailhead sign.

Jon's strong sense of place has added to my own self-worth. This is a friend who celebrates my cultural traits and helps me recognize how my roots have enhanced my own sense of place and culture. We all have our own "Be String," and the more I honor my own back story, the more I appreciate the notion that, "there is no greater wealth, no greater health, than being in tune with yourself."

Give these songs a listen, then put on some slow food, have a cup of black coffee, and embrace the Tao of Now.

Dick Norris

Dedicated with enduring love to Mom, Dad, Keitth, Greg, and all the Lee and Wong Clans for a lifetime of love and support.


All songs written, arranged and performed by Jon Lee, a northwest craftsman and native son.

All instrumental tracks by Jon Lee playing six-string, slide guitars, bass, mandolin, banjo, piano, harmonica, trumpet, and percussion.

Backing vocals by Rahmana Weist, Dan Rhiger, Dick Norris, Kelsea Brooke Trout Lee.

Recorded and engineered by Dan Rhiger at Medicine Whistle Studio, Portland, Oregon. He makes me sound better than I actually am.

Co-produced by Jon Lee and Dan Rhiger

Cover design by Kelsea Brooke Trout Lee

Portrait art by Erin Bucklew at Muse Art

Photo by Scott Docherty,

Graphics by Jani Moore,

Manufactured in Portland, Oregon at Saturn Duplication

Shout outs to Dave, Dick, Scott, Seth, Bob, and Dominic for enduring friendship, and Pat Bradshaw for the resonator.