Chinaman's Chance
[1864-1964 High Sierras to Portland, Oregon] Wong guy in a white place, and he didn't stand a Chinaman's chance.

Railroad Chinese
[1864-1869 High Sierras to the Utah Promontory Point, Utah] In the heart of the mountain, darkness is real, we blast with black powder, we hammer cold steel.

Driven Out
[1864-1910 American West] We word harder, we work longer, we always do the job. They turn us out, they burn us out.

Deep Serpent River
[May 1887 - Hell's Canyon, Idaho and Oregon] Clan and companion now haunt this demon canyon, if the truth be told,. we were murdered for more than gold.

Hip Hop Sing
[1860s Carson City, Nevada Territory] I dig pig feet; I eat chicken wings. CHOP CHOP! Hip Hop Sing...time to make that dinner bell ring.

Long Time Californ'
[1906 Chinatown, San Francisco, California] It all changed course in the Year of the Horse, when Chinatown burned down. Now anyone could be a paper son.

Slime Line
[1872-1942 Astoria, Oregon] I need a bowl of rice, hot tea to drink, but we got to keep feeding this Iron Chink.

Bullfrog Run
[1938 Mile's Crossing, Clatsop County, Oregon] Thrive and survive, that's the name of the game. Now they're the scourge of the wetland and our family name.

Angel Island Blues
[1910-1940 San Francisco Bay, Marin County, California] Stuck on Angel Island. Time just seems to crawl. I hear that lonesome fog horn call. I write a poem on my wall.

Wok the Wok
[1950-60s Portland, Oregon] He never learned to talk the talk, he just wokked the wok.

Graduation Day
[1922-1964 Helena, Montana, Astoria, Oregon, Portland, Oregon] From Wong side of the world to Lee side of the wind, we know just where to go, we know just where we've been.

We Were Asian When Asian Wasn't Cool
[Then and Now] Honor your elders, do your best in school, take pride in your culture were our family rules.


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