by Kelsea Brooke Trout Lee

My Childhood was a celebration of barefoot revelry - hiking along trails fringed with rain-soaked ferns, floating down cool clear rivers, watching for owls in sage-scented desert nights, and digging for bivalved treasures. in the tidal flats of the coast. The lyrical trickle of creek over stones, the gentle susurration of leaves in the wind, and the snaps and crackles of a campfire under the stars played the soundtrack of those years; but throughout all my youthful adventures, the strums and melodies of my father's guitar lulled me to sleep and roused me in the morning.

My connection to the natural world hasn't waned. It has carried me into adulthood, where I have dedicated my life to conserving the beauty and integrity of the natural world. My dear older sister has similarly embraced a lifelong love of nature, spending countless days in search of the next great adventure through the mountains, woods, waters of the world.

Listening to this collection of our father's songs today transports me right back to those childhood years, when I was learning a love for the Earth that would shape me into the person I am today. Every lyric and every chord has been crafted to reflect the bond between our hearts and souls and the natural world. At the intersection of living and loving, that's where you will find these songs.

Kelsea Brooke Trout Lee

Dedicated with enduring love to Kiren Keitha and Kelsea Brook Trout. "...someday you'll grow up, go away, do things I have never done." Well, that "daddy's day of reckoning" has come to pass.


All songs written, arranged and performed by Jon Lee, a northwest craftsman and native son.

All instrumental tracks by Jon Lee playing six-string, slide guitars, bass, mandolin, banjo, piano, harmonica, and percussion.

Backing vocals by Rahmana Weist, Dan Rhiger, Dick Norris, Kelsea Brooke Trout Lee, with Gabby, Jasper, Claire and Lucianne as the Wong Clan Wolf Pack.

Recorded and engineered by Dan Rhiger at Medicine Whistle Studio, Portland, Oregon. He makes me sound better than I actually am.

Co-produced by Jon Lee and Dan Rhiger

Cover design by Kiren Keitha Lee

Photos by Kelsea Brooke Trout Lee

Graphics by Jani Moore,

Soundscapes by Dick Norris

Manufactured in Portland, Oregon at Saturn Duplication

Shout outs to Dave, Dick, Scott, Seth, Bob, and Dominic for enduring friendship, and Pat Bradshaw for the resonator.